OB Surf Classic History

Previous Winners list

The Annual OB Surf Classic is Presented by the Hodad’s Foundation & AWOL Productions. We’re dedicated to honoring the Old School ways and keeping it local!  This Surf Contest is for all the local rippers and families in our beloved Ocean Beach Community.

We hold a variety of divisions for Men, Women, Juniors, Groms and a fun Family Division. Longboard and Shortboard!  All registered participants receive t-shirts and we have trophies for the Winners!

We have many giveaways through-out the day for the spectators too! Look for photos on Facebook and Register for our newsletter if you want to surf with us next time

A portion of the proceeds will go towards the Hodad’s Foundation to encourage more local youth sports, summer surf and skate camp


Men’s Masters Shortboard 
1st- Zeb Ryan
2nd- Sim Barhoun
3rd- Shaun Ferrell

Men’s Shortboard 
1st- Gustavo Aroujo
2nd- Steve Muschett
3rd- Yuri Fresia

Men’s Masters Longboard
1st- Scott Ian Kaplan
2nd- Eric Nelson
3rd- Chris Ducharme

Men’s Longboard 
1st- Sam Deluna
2nd- Matt Quinn
3rd- Nick Isabella

Junior Boys 
1st- Kale Cadam
2nd- Steve Muschett
3rd- Mick Davey

Boys Grom 
1st- Dane Van Cooney
2nd- Ivan Wolf
3rd- Asher Kindley

Family Division
1st- Eric Nelson & Summer Nelson
2nd- Keally Betonzas & Keone Betonzas
3rd- William Bartlett & Ian Bartlett
4th- Alexandra Goodwin & Garrett Goodwin

Women’s Master’s Longboard
1st- Brandy Jester
2nd- Pheonix Coverly
3rd- Rebecca Schulman

Women’s Shortboard
1st- Brooke Young
2nd- Brandy Jester
3rd- Jordan Alstead

Women’s Longboard
1st- Lauren Canavan
2nd- Alzee Hazan
3rd- Rachel Britner

Junior Girls
1st- Jordan Alstead
2nd- Summer Nelson
3rd- Aurora Jaeckels

Grom Girls
1st- Isabella Carrena
2nd- Geneva Sannman
3rd- Brighton Whittemore
4th- Sophia Cale


Men’s Masters 40+ Longboard
1st – Chris DuCharme
2nd – RB aka Rob Brockman
3rd – Guga Moreira

Men’s Masters 40+ Shortboard
1st – Kevin Zinger
2nd – Martin Albert
3rd – Zeb Ryan

Men’s Longboard
1st – Cody Stone
2nd – Matt Quinn
3rd – Nate Strom

Men’s Shortboard
1st – Riley Morgan
2nd – Kyle Costa
3rd – David Morrell

Jr Boys
1st – Steven Muschett
2nd – Riley Morgan
3rd – Lewis Aberle

Grom Boys
1st -Cameron Sheahan
2nd – Hunter Kincaid
3rd – Dax Eaton

Family Challenge
1st – Eric Nelson Father – Summer Nelson – Daughter
2nd – Garrett & Alexandra Goodwin – Husband & Wife

Women’s Master’s Longboard
1st – Brandy Jester
2nd – Carla Verbrugghen

Women’s Longboard
1st – Jessica Taft
2nd – Alexandra Goodwin
3rd – Laura Caravan

Women’s Shortboard
1st – Lisa Carulli
2nd – Rachel Breitner
3rd – Brooke Young

Jr Girls
1st – Brooke Young
2nd – Jordan Alstad
3rd – Summer Nelson

Grom Girls
1st – Kelia Ayers
2nd – Brighton Whittemore

Hodads Ocean Beach Surf Classic